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Bachmann stands for quality, outstanding products, and outstanding results. Our company has succeeded because we live out shared values and pursue shared objectives. Our company principles clarify these values and objectives and bring them into the company. They describe the standard and measure of our actions and how we deal with one another. They are binding for everyone who works for our company.



Our principles


We’re a family business. Everyone working in the company must be equally prepared to fully commit to it during good times and bad. Our primary goal is economic independence. We wish to remain independent. Therefore, organic growth is key. In everything we do we’re guided by fairness, moderation and trust.




Our objectives


We wish to satisfy customers, employees, owners and the company in equal measure. We strive for continuous growth that is significantly above-average for our industries. Likewise, we wish to obtain a profit margin with which we can absorb our high expenses, development and investments on our own.




Our employees


We demand the same first-class performance and quality from our employees that the company pursues as a whole. Safety in the workplace is a high priority for us. As is a fair wage. We promote our employees’ personal and professional competence through a broad system of professional development. We ensure intellectual freedom and creativity and see criticism as an opportunity. We treat each other with mutual respect and join together to ensure the protection of our intellectual and material property.




Our leadership style


Our managers communicate Bachman’s values through their daily actions. We expect our managers to show initiative and confidence and keep an open mind. The ability to lead comes from personal and professional competence. Leading also means setting the tone for innovation. Our managers involve employees in their decision-making processes. Communication between managers and employees is marked by politeness, respect and trust. Our managers’ conduct must be exemplary.




Our company in society


As a company, we have social responsibility. We are committed to a free society, a fair market economy, and free competition. We respect the laws and culture of the countries in which we work. At all locations, we support innovative approaches and projects that help promote social development and serve humanity. We uphold equal opportunity and reject all forms of discrimination. At the same time, we diligently practice transparency, reliability and openness in internal and external communication. Because that creates trust. And, not least, the protection of health and the environment matters a great deal to us. So we use the best technology to avoid harmful effects from our economic activity.





As a company, the trust of our business partners, our employees and the public is important to us. This trust strongly depends on the behaviour of every single employee. A guiding principle for each employee’s conduct is compliance with the law and the legal statutes and the fulfilment of additional essential ethical standards and requirements set forth by Bachmann itself.