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The Purchasing Department is a central element of corporate growth. As an innovator, networker and global sourcer, Purchasing contributes to the company’s organisational change.


Purchasing’s declared objective is to join with suppliers in taking trendsetting paths in procurement, disposition and merchandise logistics. Those are the bases for value-based procurement management.


Quality standards such as delivery reliability, price stability, flexibility, process security, environmental protection and work safety standards are important aspects for a successful supplier relationship.


The company’s success largely depends on the performance of its suppliers. Their innovative ability, continual improvement processes and commitment result from an efficient purchasing strategy and contribute significantly to attaining the corporate objectives.


We view supplier certifications such as DIN EN ISO 9001:2008, 9100:2009 or 9120:2010 as prerequisites to a regular and long-lasting collaboration. Please also see our Purchasing Conditions under General Terms of Purchase.