B 090 10l

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B 090 10l

  • The glue pressure tank is used to supply solvent or dispersion adhesives to an applicator under pressure. Various glue applicators can be used, such as B308.90, B308, B106.
  • The container is under pressure (max. 1.5 bar). Under that pressure, the glue exits via the riser pipe and arrives at the applicator via the glue tube.
  • The container has a sealed safety valve that vents beginning with a pressure of over 1.5 bar.
  • Diameter

    300 mm

  • Height

    470 mm

  • Contents

    10 l

  • Weight

    7 kg

  • Operating pressure 1.5 bar

All aqueous PVAC glues, latex types, dispersions and solvent-based adhesives